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Facial feminization surgery, or FFS, is a term for a type of procedure that is intended to help transgender patients achieve a more feminine appearance. To help facilitate a better understanding of this procedure, here are the most frequently asked questions about FFS.

Can Anyone Get FFS?
As long as the patient is healthy and does not have any major facial injuries, FFS can be performed to make them look more feminine. Trans women experiencing gender dysphoria are ideal candidates, since FFS helps them continue their journey towards achieving their ideal aesthetic.
How Much Will My Appearance Change with FFS?

Although FFS is intended to make changes to the patient’s face, it will only do so to the point of reducing masculine features. The patient will still be recognizable by those who know them. It can reasonably be compared to physical-appearance changes that occur when people go through puberty.

Which Options Are Available for FFS Procedures?

Dr. James P. Bradley performs a number of FFS procedures. These include tracheal shave surgery (Adam’s Apple reduction), rhinoplasty, frontal sinus setback, and the upper lip lift. Dr. Bradley also performs osseous genioplasty narrowing and shortening (chin reshaping), forehead/supralateral orbital recontouring, cheek augmentation, and mandibular angle reduction.

How Long Is the Recovery Time?

The recovery time after facial feminization surgery varies depending on the exact procedures performed. Patients need to rest as much as possible at the start of their healing process in order to avoid delays in their recovery. Patients will also need to take time off from work while bruising and swelling reduce.

Will the Recovery Period be Painful?

The first 48 hours following FFS will involve some minor discomfort and tenderness. These sensations will gradually decrease over the course of two to three weeks. Pain medication may be prescribed and should be taken as directed.

Is FFS Compatible with Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Patients who are currently receiving hormone replacement therapy will likely be asked to temporarily postpone taking hormones prior to the procedure and during the recovery period. This is for the sake of the patient’s safety.

Will FFS Leave Post-Surgical Marks?

Every effort will be taken to ensure that any marks left behind following the surgery will be in carefully hidden areas that are well-camouflaged. The incisions will be so fine that they will not be so obvious unless closely examined.

Your FFS FAQ procedure will be performed in James P Bradley, MD's surgery center located in New York.
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