Cosmetic Surgeon

Picking a Surgeon

The most important element in deciding on doing a cosmetic procedure is making an informed decision. Sometimes we live for a long time with an element in our appearance that bothers us. Getting an elective procedure could be that decision that opens up a whole new world of self-empowerment and confidence about one’s appearance. Almost everyone has something they want to improve about their face or body. Making the right decisions can optimize those results.

I’m doctor James P Bradley, Professor of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Vice Chairman of Surgery at Northwell Health. Having been a trained physician and board-certified in plastic surgery for fifteen years, I find that most people seeking some body and facial rejuvenation and overall appearance enhancement are looking for some basic guidance in navigating through what can be a very scary process—selecting the right surgeon.

The important questions to ask are:

  1. Is the plastic surgeon you are considering board-certified?
  2. Do you connect and communicate well with your surgeon?
  3. Are the costs for your elective procedure with the surgeon of your choice within your financial budget or are you compromising care because of lower fees?
  4. Are you ready to look younger even if you have a slight change in your appearance?

These are just some of the questions to consider when deciding to do an elective surgery.

James P. Bradley, MD. Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in New York City