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Facelift New York City

Before & After

Cosmetic & Craniofacial Surgery‘s before-and-after pictures of real patients.

Dr Bradley’s facelift procedures are designed to give a natural, refreshed look with the shortest recovery time possible. He has performed nearly a thousand facial rejuvenation surgeries and has developed procedures that can be tailored to the individual’s anatomy and desired goals.

Facelift Objectives

  • Correct gravity facial aging changes of the cheek, jawline and neck
  • Reposition foundation (SMAS or fascia) to achieve lift without too much skin pull or windblown look.
  • Restore fat volume lost with aging

State of the Art Techniques

  • Mini-lift: Shorter scars; Shorter recovery time; Lifts and tightens SMAS and Platysma muscle.
  • Short Scar Facelift: No scar behind the ear


1) What is the best age to have a facelift?

Regardless of age, once facial aging changes from gravity become apparent and bother a patient, they are a candidate for a facelift.

2) How long will my facelift last?

After having a facelift you remain looking better than you otherwise would have. Many patients have only one face lift in their life. However, facial aging will continue and a secondary facelift is an option.

3) Who needs a secondary facelift?

It is a personal decision to have a secondary facelift. Typically, Patients who consider it, do so10 years or more after having a successful facelift.