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Chin Enhancement

Chin enhancement in New York City beautifies the lower face by providing more definition or by correcting asymmetries. When needed chin enhancement is used in combination with a septorhinoplasty (nasal reshaping) procedure. Chin enhancement may be done with either of 2 methods: 1) Chin implant, or 2) Osseous genioplasty. A chin implant is placed in a pocket under the chin pad and over the bone. An osseous genioplasty involves moving the entire chin, including the bone.

Chin Enhancement Objectives

  • Achieve balance and more attractive lower facial features by increasing projection and tightening of the submental (neck) region.
  • Modify the face height vertically, either by shortening or lengthening the lower face.
  • Improve breathing and relieve obstructive sleep apnea by advancing the tongue and floor musculature.

State-of-the-Art Technique

Dr. Bradley is able to provide the full range of chin augmentation options, including in-office fillers, with a chin implant, and osseous genioplasty. Many surgeons don’t have the ability to do all three and therefore cannot help you choose the right procedure for you. In addition, Dr. Bradley uses a “no-degloving” genioplasty technique that minimizes any problems with the procedure.

Probably the best Plastic Surgeon in the city. I had a procedure with him that changed my life. I had a jaw issue that I was embarrassed about and he made me feel immediately comfortable. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in looking and feeling better.

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How do I know if chin enhancement is right for me?

Dr. Bradley will work with you to determine if this procedure is right for you and to customize it for you. A chin that recedes or does not protrude as much as other features leaves to premature aging of the neck and lower face.

Which procedure do I need, a chin implant or an osseous geniplasty?

A chin implant is a simple procedure that can be done without anesthesia but is only used for moving the chid pad forward. 90% of the time this procedure is preferred. An osseous genioplasty is a powerful surgical procedure which can address chin dysmorphology in 6 directions. Because of its versatility, it is one of the most common osteotomies (bone separation) of the face.

How much does chin enhancement cost?

The exact cost of chin enhancement depends on the technique chosen for your augmentation. Additionally, price is determined based on factors like the total procedure time and the type of anesthesia needed.

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Schedule your informative consultation with Dr. James P. Bradley regarding chin enhancement in New York City by contacting our office. During a consultation, Dr. Bradley will answer your questions and discuss the procedure in greater detail, including preparation and recovery.