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Nose Surgery New York City

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Rhinoplasty or nasal reshaping is one of Dr. Bradley’s most common procedure. It is also one of his favorite! Rhinoplasty requires great attention to detail to achieve consistent natural results. This is one procedure that patients should choose their surgeon wisely so that it is done correctly the first time. If a revision or re-do rhinoplasty is needed the procedure is even more challenging.

At your consultation Dr. Bradley will have a detailed discussion about your preferences and concerns. He will also do a full-facial evaluation so that an exact precise plan can be constructed that will allow you to get the natural result you deserve. Dr. Bradley will follow you for an entire year after the procedure to make sure the healing goes well.

Rhinoplasty Objectives

  • Individualized correction of nasal shape based on facial features
  • Improvement in nasal breathing and sleep apnea
  • Removal of nasal bridge (dorsal) hump
  • Creation of a refined nasal tip
  • Symmetrical nostrils

State of the Art Techniques

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1) What is a good reason to have a rhinoplasty? Should I have one?

If your nose is too large or does not fit with the rest of your face;
If you have trouble breathing through your nose (during sleep or exercising);
If your nose is crooked or misaligned (from trauma);

2) What is the recovery after a rhinoplasty like?

You will have a plastic splint on your nose the first week to reduce swelling;
Some people experience bruising around the eyes; Icing and head elevation will reduce this.

Although the pain is much less than expected, you will feel congested; nasal sprays will be started after a week to reduce this feeling.

3) How can I ensure that I get the final result that I want?

The best advice is to find a Plastic Surgeon with a lot of experience with rhinoplasty and one that listens to your concerns and expectations during the preoperative consultations;

Although you will be presentable in a few weeks, you will not see your final result for months and months. If you compare images at 6 weeks postoperative to images after one year, you will see improvements at one year since the swelling has resolved.