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April Monthly Newsletter

Patient of the Month: Kylie!

Kylie loves snowboarding, travel, and works in fashion at Elle Magazine doing Public Relations. In PR, Kylie has to deal with so many personalities “has to be very aligned” herself. Receiving Facial Feminization Surgery has helped her achieve that self alignment herself. Kylie loves seeing new designers envisioning fashion for the future and went to Parsons School of Design!

“Being a trans woman of color, there is a higher level of confidence needed to walk this life. Since I have had FFS it has changed how I see myself. How I walk into a room. I have more of a oomf my head is held higher. I feel more aligned with who I know is my authentic self.”

“Kylie is such a warm and grounded person! We are so lucky to have her as one of our patients.” -Meghan Miller (Office Staff)

Lenox Hill Hospital's First Annual Pink Party!

Join us for our “Pink Party” at Lenox Hill Hospital from 7:30 am-8:30 am on Tuesday May 2nd, 2023! Dr. Bradley and his team will be presenting on Transgender Medicine and advocacy for Lenox Hill Hospital staff and anyone else who is interested in learning more. Not only will this event be educational, but also fun! Mikal, Lenox Hill Nurse, will be performing and there will be a rainbow outfit costume contest with a prize. Not to mention free bagels, coffee, donuts, and T-Shirts!

RSVP at this Link: https://forms.gle/dnJsVvGyGGaNP7pN6

Provider of the Month: Dr. Joseph Tarr!

Dr. Joseph Tarr is one of our awesome residents and assists during FFS Procedures in the OR and postoperatively while the patient stays a few nights in the hospital. He is a graduate of the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University’s MD/PhD Program and now a year 4 resident physician in the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Northwell Health. He has 3 years of experience in cell and molecular biology laboratory research. He is also a skilled photographer with years of experience in photographic documentation and editing!

“Dr. Tarr is a wonderful resident and we are so lucky to have him on our team. He truly has a passion for patient care!” -Dr. James P. Bradley

March Monthly Newsletter

Patient of the Month: Katherine!

Katherine Elizabeth is our wonderful patient of the month for March! She is always so positive and wise and we are so grateful to have her as a part of our office family!

“I had the privilege of being in the care of Dr Bradley. This phenomenally changed everything for the greater and has brought me such a inner peace. I have to pinch myself everyday. I believe life is what we make it and will forever thank Dr. Bradley and all of the wonderful staff for superb experience that all true girls of trans origin should experience. I’ll leave you with this, the energy we put out will come back, so be good to one another.” -Katherine

We love you Katherine and are so glad that you are living your best life!

Transgender News: Biden says efforts to restrict transgender rights ‘close to sinful’

Transgender youth medical care is a growing legislative focus. Florida will soon enact a measure banning gender-affirming medical care for youth, including barring doctors from prescribing puberty blockers, hormone therapy and surgeries for patients under 18. Additionally, Tennessee also passed a law this month banning gender-affirming care for transgender youth.

President Biden spoke out against these political measures, stating that efforts to restrict the rights of trans individuals were “cruel.” He went on to add “They’re human beings. They love, they have feelings, they have inclinations,” he said.

“And the way we do it is make sure we pass legislation like we passed on same-sex marriage. You mess with that, you’re breaking the law, and you’re going to be held accountable,” he said, insinuating the passage of federal laws made to protect the rights of transgender medicine.

At least 385 bills targeting LGBTQ rights and queer life have been introduced around the country through March 7, according to data compiled by the American Civil Liberties Union. The number of bills has already surpassed last year’s total of 306.

Provider of the Month: Cristina!

Our honored provider this month is our lovely Administrative Assistant, Cristina! Cristina helps keep the office organized, manage patient appointments, and connect with insurances to ensure patients get maximum coverage. Prior to working with us, she lived in Portugal for 15 years and also worked in the veterinary field. She has a love for animals, outdoor activities, and reading.

“Working with Dr.Bradley has been a gratifying experience that has helped me grow a lot professionally. He is very passionate about what he does and really changes our patients’ lives. I am honored to work with him and our team!” -Cristina

“Cristina is a great member of the team. We couldn’t do what we do without her.” -Dr. James Bradley

February Monthly Newsletter

Patient of the Month: Talia

Talia is a very talented and successful singer/song writer/artist producer who lives in Brooklyn, NY. She also works in social services working for organizations that provide direct service to the LBGTQ+ community.

“Being a trans person is challenging on so many levels, but surgeons like Dr. Bradley help to improve our quality of life with top tier gender affirming surgeries. Having my FFS procedure with him was one of the best choices I have ever made. I couldn’t be happier. Before my FFS I was amazing but now I am unstoppable.” -Talia

“Talia is such a shining light both in the office and out in the world. We are so grateful to have you as a patient.” -Meghan Miller, Plastic Surgery Fellow.

Talia can do it all! Listen to Talia’s charted R&B songs on iTunes today!

Transgender News:

California and Washington are currently in the early stages of creating bills which will allow transgender people to seal records requesting a name change. Keeping name and gender changes out of the public record protects trans people from increased attacks, making the community less susceptible to cyberbullying and physical violence. At the moment, only victims of domestic violence can have their name changes easily sealed in the state of Washington. California extends that service to victims of human trafficking, stalking, and sexual assault. This bill is currently modeled in the state of New York and Oregon.

“This seemed to me like a simple action that could go a long way in making the transgender people a lot safer in our state” -Democratic Sen. Jamie Pederson of Washington.

Provider of the Month: Tara

The provider of the month is our lovely medical assistant, Tarawati, who goes by Tara! She is currently working as a per diem medical assistant with northwell health while in nursing school. Tara always brings so much laughter and love into the office and we are so grateful for her contagious energy. She loves to be creative with makeup and fashion and loves listening to music. She not only bonds excellently with patients, but also staff and anyone else she encounters. With a smile always on her face, she is always looking to help both in terms of office efficiency and patients emotionally. We are so lucky to have you on our team!

“Tara is so great with the patients and such a hard worker. We really appreciate you, Tara!” -Dr. Bradley

“Working with Dr. Bradley, Sabrina and Meghan is a dream come true and I am grateful to be part of their team! They provide the best care and really go above and beyond for our patients!” -Tara

January Monthly Newsletter

Trailblazer RuPaul Announces Season 15 of Drag Race

Since its inaugural season, RuPaul’s Drag Race has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, spawning iterations in Chile, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Canada, Holland, Australia/New Zealand, Spain, Italy, France, the Philippines, Belgium, and Sweden. It has won the Emmy for Outstanding Competition Program four times, while 12-time winner RuPaul holds the record for Most-Decorated Black Artist in TV Academy history.

“When I hear season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, I have to pinch myself — I just won’t tell you where,” RuPaul said in a statement. “We never take for granted the opportunity we’ve been given to showcase drag excellence and tell authentic queer stories. Thank you to the fans, World of Wonder, VH1, our cast and crew, and most of all, our brave and beautiful queens.”

RuPaul reminds us to NEVER RuPaulogize for who we are!


Sara is one of our beautiful FFS patients and she always radiates positive energy in the office.

“I feel so happy with my surgical experience. I loved the service in the hospital and in Dr. Bradley’s office. After surgery, I felt very taken care of and all of my needs were met. Even better, I had no post-operative problems or concerns at all!” -Sara

We are so glad that you love your results, Sara. We are very excited to see all of the great things you do post surgery.


Brianna is our office’s surgical coordinator–so if you have booked surgery with us before chances are you have Brianna to thank! Brianna went to Queens College and is a very hardworking, organized member of the team. We are so grateful for all of the work you do for our patients, Brianna.

“I always love talking to Brianna in the office. She is so funny and sweet. We couldn’t do it without her!” -Sabrina Sam

December Monthly Newsletter

Transgender Safety

Human Rights Campaign responded to troubling federal data showing unacceptably high levels of hate crimes against the  LGBTQ community. Reports show that hate crimes based on sexual orientation represent 16.7% of hate crimes, the third largest category after race and religion. The report also shows an uptick in gender identity based hate crimes rising from 2.2% in 2018 to 2.7% in 2019.

“Yet another year with alarming levels of bias-motivated crimes underscores just how urgent it is to address this hate crimes epidemic. This year, we saw a tragic new record of fatal violence against transgender and gender non-conforming people in this country, particularly against Black and Brown transgender women. These alarming statistics represent real trauma for individuals and families across this country who have to bear the brunt of these hate crimes.”  -Alphonso David, HRC President

We must continue to call attention to these alarming statistics and advocate for change. Click the link below to learn more, get involved, and donate:



Julia is one of our amazing FFS patients and we love seeing her smiling face in the office! She is passionate about skin care, a Licensed Esthetician, and trained in classical singing.

“Being a woman that transitioned over 15 years before receiving facial surgery, I’d become stuck in the routine of hiding certain markers. It kept me from feeling totally free. Also, It was extremely unnerving to have surgery, but Sabrina Sam (our PA) made sure I knew the in’s and out’s of the procedure which alleviated my nerves. Under the artistic care of Dr Bradley and his team, I’ve emerged a new me, more confident and free!” -Julia

Thank you for being such an awesome patient! We value you!


Dr. O’Kelly went to Georgetown Medical School and Washington University in St. Louis for undergraduate school. He is one of the Chief Plastic Surgery Residents at Northwell Health and assists Dr. Bradley in many of our facial feminization surgeries. Dr. O’Kelly is an excellent surgeon with a great sense of humor and such an important part of our team!

“Thank you, Dr. O’Kelly, for all of your work in and out of the OR to ensure the best patient care!” -Dr. James Bradley

November Monthly Newsletter

Maxine Angel Opoku: Ghana's Only Openly Transgender Musician

Maxine Angel Opoku has gained popularity with songs opposing a proposed law that would make it illegal to identify as gay, transgender or queer. The New York Times recently featured Opoku in their Saturday Profile, but Opoku still fears of persecution from her government due to her gender. The musician said sometimes when she performs, members of the audience throw bottles and stones at her. She also complains of difficulty getting sponsors due to fear of association. Opoku confesses that she is not safe in Ghana and wants to travel to a safer country in the near future. Opoku’s advocacy is so important, especially at this integral and malleable time in Ghana’s socio-political environment.


Katie is one of our wonderful FFS patients and in her free time enjoys to hike and ski! Katie runs a popular Youtube channel where she documents her travels, different hiking paths and ski resorts, and her general adventures through nature. Check out the link below to see Katie’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTQRXbFUvuxvQYqGsM_zTmg

"Katie is such a joy to have as a patient. She brings such positive energy and we always look forward to seeing her in the office!" -Meghan Miller 

Thank you for being an awesome patient, Katie!


Adrian is one of our scrub techs at Lenox Hill Hospital that help us during many of our Facial Feminization Procedures. Adrian never fails to make everyone in the OR laugh with one of her crazy stories. In Adrian’s free time, she participates in underwater rugby and competes internationally with her team. Pictured above is Adrian playing underwater rugby!

“Adrian doesn’t underestimate the importance of commitment to our patients and her work as a surgical scrub technician. She looks for and finds creative solutions to help with OR efficiency and safety.” -Dr. James P. Bradley

Thank you, Adrian! You are a great team member!

October Monthly Newsletter

Brazil Elected Two Trans Women to Its National Congress

Brazil sent two trans politicians to its national parliament during its election on Sunday, a first for the South American country! Erika Hilton, a Black trans woman, won her election after campaigning to fight for education, social housing, and LGBTQ+ rights in the country.

“We are going to get off the street corners, we are going to get out of jails, and start to think about public policies and legislation,” Hilton said after her win. “Our mandate in Brasília will be more organised, more committed and closer to people.”

PATIENTS OF THE MONTH: Gisele, Sonny, and Milla

These three transgender women were brave enough to step up and speak out for “Stop Asian Hate” and “Stop Transgender Bullying” campaigns in the New York Regional media! Each of them shared powerful stories that highlighted these important societal problems. Thank you for being such great role models!

Provider Of The Month: Sabrina!

Sabrina Sam, our Physician’s Assistant, is the provider of the month! Her shining personality and hilarious sense of humor make us all smile.

“Sabrina has a way of connecting with all types of people from all walks of life. She is probably the most popular person at Lenox Hill Hospital.” -Dr. James P. Bradley

“Whether it’s in the OR or at office hours, it brightens my day to work beside my talented supervising physician, my hard-working surgical coordinators, my kind-hearted residents and everyone else on the team that help bring everything together. Also, it is truly a beautiful feeling to have the opportunity to follow all my patients on their life-changing journeys from start to finish.” -Sabrina Sam

September Monthly Newsletter


Roughly 414,000 transgender adults live in 31 states that primarily hold in person elections at polling locations and have stringent voter ID requirements. Research from the Williams Institute states that nearly half of transgender voters do not have an ID that correctly reflects their name or gender and these regulations could put many transgender voters at risk of losing their vote. Legal processes for updating the name and gender on official government-issued identification documents vary state by state, but are complex, expensive, and timely. In 9 states, to legally change their name, a person must publicly post or publish a name change request, often in a local newspaper, a process that clearly puts transgender people at risk of harassment or discrimination.


  • Change voter-ID laws to increase accessibility 
  • Make process simpler in obtaining gender-affirming IDs
  • Exercise your right to vote!


Casey is one of our many happy Facial Feminization patients! Two months post surgery, Casey walked the runway for both Scalo and Levi Campello during NYC Fashion Week 2022. Casey states "Post surgery, I feel more confident just going outside. I felt before that I was trying to hide from everyone, but not anymore. I’m proud to show myself and face the world."

Provider Of The Month:

Dr. James P. Bradley is the first transgender healthcare provider of the month! Dr. Bradley’s aim is to provide the best, individualized, most up-to-date care for each patient. He has been performing facial feminization surgeries for transgender women for over 20 years and, as Northwell Health’s Vice-Chairman of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Bradley has helped teach the greater medical community about FFS and gender-affirming care. He believes that the use of the latest technology provides optimal results with shorter and less painful recovery.

First to show FFS virtual planning is:

·      More efficient

·      More accurate

·      Safer Care