Craniosynostosis Correction

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Craniosynsotosis is premature fusion (closure) of the cranial sutures or spaces between the bone plates of the skull. This usually happens before birth and is recognized in infancy. Although a positional skull deformity may be corrected by helmet therapy, craniosynostosis requires surgical correction. More commonly, craniosynostosis occurs by itself; however, it may be associated with a syndrome like Crouzon or Apert yndrome.

The types of craniosynostosis include:

  • Sagital synostosis: suture-top of skull from front to back results in a long, narrow head
  • Coronal synostosis-Unilateral (one-side): suture above the ear to the top of the skull; results in one forehead flat and the other bulging
  • Coronal synostosis-Bilateral (both-sides): results in flat, high forehead
  • Metopic synostosis-Trigonocephaly-suture in middle of the forehead, up and down; results in a pointy or triangular forehead
  • Lamboidal synostosis: suture back of head, asymmetric bulging back of head

Correction of Craniosynostosis Objectives

  • Release fused cranial suture
  • Recontour head to normal shape
  • Safe procedure with minimal need for blood products

State-of-the-Art Techniques

Dr. Bradley works closely with a pediatric neurosurgeon to ensure a safe procedure. We will use craniofacial imaging, blood conservation techniques, endoscopic techniques, resorbable fixation plates and the best perioperative care.

Craniosynostosis FAQ

What craniosynostosis procedure is right for my child?

The procedure will be tailored to your child’s problems. Endoscopic repair may be performed if less than 3 months of age, but will require helmet therapy postoperatively. Most of the time, your child will leave the operating room with full correction that does not require helmet therapy.

Will my child need further surgery in the future?

If your child has isolated craniosynostosis, it is unlikely he/she will need subsequent surgery. However, we have you follow up with our craniofacial team yearly to check for any signs of increased intracranial pressure or contour irregularities. If these occur, a revisionary procedure may be necessary.

Your Craniosynostosis Correction procedure will be performed in James P Bradley, MD's surgery center located in New York.
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