Facial Feminization Recovery

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After getting a softer, more feminine look through facial feminization surgery (FFS), the next order of business is dealing with facial feminization recovery. Understanding this phase is key, because it allows transgender patients to get the best results possible and avoid complications while healing. Patients can learn more about facial feminization recovery in New York City by contacting James P. Bradley MD, Cosmetic and Craniofacial Surgery.

Immediately After Facial Feminization Surgery

Following the procedure, patients can expect some minor discomfort. This is accompanied by bruising, swelling, and tenderness around the affected areas. These issues will fade in time. Patients will find it difficult to move their facial muscles. There may also be excess fluid present; if so, drains may be placed in the area to address this.

Staying in the hospital bed will be required for a brief period in order to allow patients to rest. Patients will need to keep all surgical dressings on to cover their incisions, protecting against infection. Eventually, dressings will be removed.

Facial Feminization Recovery

Patients should be resting as much as possible during the two weeks after the procedure. It helps to prepare your bedroom for the recovery process beforehand. Taking time off from work will also be necessary.

In order to help reduce bruising and swelling, it will be best to keep one’s head elevated at all times. Pillows can help to keep the head propped up overnight. Application of cold compresses can also aid in reduction of bruising and swelling in the operative area.

Instructions on how to care for the affected areas will be provided by Dr. Bradley. Patients must follow these closely to ensure a safe recovery. Any prescribed medications will need to be taken exactly as directed. Solid food should be avoided until patients are instructed otherwise, as well.

Activity Restrictions

Physically strenuous activities should be avoided during facial feminization recovery. This means no lifting, bending, squatting, or movement that goes faster than a simple stroll. Anything that causes stress, both emotional and physical, should be avoided. It will be best to take a break from heavy exercise and sports until cleared to resume them.

Short walks are encouraged to help with blood circulation, which in turn will make the recovery period shorter.

How Long Is the Recovery Time?

The total recovery time for facial feminization will depend on the exact procedures performed. Those who only need to undergo a single procedure to achieve their desired results will generally have a shorter recovery period. Each patient’s natural healing ability will also affect their recovery time, as will the state of their general health.

Generally, most of the swelling should subside in a couple of weeks, and incisions will heal in time.

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