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Face Surgery New York City

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Cosmetic & Craniofacial Surgery‘s before-and-after pictures of real patients.


Dr Bradley’s facelift procedures are designed to give a natural, refreshed look with the shortest recovery time possible. He has performed nearly a thousand facial rejuvenation surgeries and has developed procedures that can be tailored to the individual’s anatomy and desired goals.

Facelift Objectives

  • Correct gravity facial aging changes of the cheek, jawline and neck
  • Reposition foundation (SMAS or fascia) to achieve lift without too much skin pull or windblown look.
  • Restore fat volume lost with aging

State of the Art Techniques

  • Mini-lift: Shorter scars; Shorter recovery time; Lifts and tightens SMAS and Platysma muscle.
  • Short Scar Facelift: No scar behind the ear


1) What is the best age to have a facelift?

Regardless of age, once facial aging changes from gravity become apparent and bother a patient, they are a candidate for a facelift.

2) How long will my facelift last?

After having a facelift you remain looking better than you otherwise would have. Many patients have only one face lift in their life. However, facial aging will continue and a secondary facelift is an option.

3) Who needs a secondary facelift?

It is a personal decision to have a secondary facelift. Typically, Patients who consider it, do so10 years or more after having a successful facelift.


  • *Individual results may vary.
  • *Individual results may vary.
  • *Individual results may vary.
  • *Individual results may vary.

Dr Bradley’s necklift procedures will address concerns you have about excess hanging neck skin or excess fullness due to fat.

  • You can get rid of a “double-chin” or “sagging turkey neck”.
  • You can restore a smooth, youthful neck and refined profile.
  • Neck recontouring should be tailored to the individual patient to help achieve a defined jawline that frames the face and restores balance.

Facelift Objectives

  • Improves the appearance of a “double chin” or fullness under the chin
  • Refines the jawline
  • Enhance the chin to bring facial balance

State of the Art Techniques

Submental Liposuction: Liposuction through a pin hole will remove fat and the skin will redrape nicely.

Chin augmentation: Custom implant will increase chin projection and define the neck

Genioplasty (osseous): The chin is moved to increase projection and lengthen the lower face when needed to achieve ideal facial thirds (as described by the artist Leonardo Divinci).

Necklift surgery:

  • Platsymaplasty: Tightening of musculature
  • Cervicoplasty: removal of excess skin
  • For Men: Neck Z-plasty removes turkey neck directly in the bearded region under the chin.


1) What kind of necklift is right for me?

Dr. Bradley will provide a complete evaluation and discuss the best options (listed above) that are tailored to help you achieve your goals with minimal down-time.

2) I am relatively young but have a double chin that is a family feature; do I have to wait until I am older to fix it?

There is no particular age that one should wait on to have a necklift. If you feel you have excess neck skin or fat or platysmal banding or a weak chin then you should come in for a consultation.

3) Is a necklift ever combined with other procedures?

Yes, a necklift is often combined with other facial procedures. Common joint procedures in clude a rhinoplasty, chin augmentation or full facelift.


Dr. Bradley believes that the eyebrow plays a critical role in periorbital rejuvenation. When considering a brighter and more rested look around your eyes, the position of your brow is of paramount importance. In other words, if upper and lower eyelid procedures are performed without consideration of the brow then the periorbital region may be out of balance. A browlift can revitalize a forehead that is lined and drooping. A browlift can help you look less sad, angry or tired.

Browlift Objectives

  • The muscles above the eyes are altered to smooth lines and the eyebrow is raised a desired amount.
  • A balanced, thoughtful correction will prevent the postoperative ‘surprised’ unnatural appearance.

State of the Art Techniques

  • Temporal browlift: Aimed at lifting the lateral brow to provide most pleasing lift with incisions in the bald area of the temporal scalp.
  • Endoscopic browlift: Least invasive technique is affective at removing wrinkle lines and provides a small lift through small puncture holes.
  • Coronal browlift: Most invasive but may be necessary for a very heavy, droopy brow with incision ear to ear.

When selecting the right browlift procedure for you or whether you should undergo a browlift at all, a detailed discussion with Dr. Bradley is necessary. During the initial consultation your rejuvenation goals will be discussed and a complete evaluation will be performed. In your evaluation a distinction should be made between upper eyelid excess skin and true brow ptosis (drooping). When upper eyelid excess skin exists an unconscious elevation of brow may occur. This distinction can be made at the time of consultation. If it is determined that a browlift is needed, details will be given to you regarding your exact procedure and your postoperative recovery.