I never got to truly thank you for the work you’ve done for me. You not only gave me my confidence back, you gave me parts of myself back that I thought I would never feel again. I feel blessed to have been able to go on this journey with you, and I’m not even a religious person. I cannot express how thankful I am. I had sleepless nights before surgery and extreme acne breakouts from stress, but I was never disappointed and my worries never became a reality.

What you do for a living is not only a job but you give people a second chance at a normal life. That’s something beyond a career. Now that I’ve been able to put the past behind me, I move forward with undeniable gratitude. Gratitude isn’t even the right word, it’s this feeling in my chest that is unexplainable. I feel blessed to be alive, yes, but to be able to feel myself, to feel beautiful again, is something I can’t even put into a phrase. I never thought I’d be able to feel this way again, I have a second chance at life, at happiness. And for that, I thank you. So much.